This is a poster platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement. You can download these posters for free to demonstrate for justice, equality and against racism.  


    To create this website and posters we used typefaces that were designed by Black designers only.

    Print them! Hang them in your windows! Protest on the streets! Post them on social media!


    Society is still dominated by white privileged men. Working in the creative industry is also part of the running system, but we can be the ones who do better and create change. We have to reflect ourselves, our language, our daily life. We want to use our privilege to give a voice to all the people who haven't been heard for too long. Having the privilege to work in design industry enables us to break through these longterm structures of repression. With this project we try to take action to support more diversity in design. 


    „There’s no shame in having a white skin, a rich dad or four working limbs. What’s not ok is to assume that hard work alone put us ahead of those without.“

    (Gemma Germains)


    Tré Seals

    Forest Young

    sebgarrydesign (Tapiwanashe Garikayi)

    Darden Studio

    Phenias Machila

    There are more typedesigners and typefoundries of the Black community out there! If you have further suggestions to expand this list let us know!


    You are welcome to submit your own poster designs to this website. 

    Please use our templates to create your posters. But don’t forget that the typefaces you used should support the Black community.




    If you have further constructive remarks  to this website or the posters please let us know: 


    You can also send photos of how you used these posters.